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Goals :: October

10.8.2014 • 1 Comment

octobergoalsHello October!! This month starts a new season for me. I have literally spent the last 6-7 months working on the new collection, new website, Tinsel & Treasure and moving (on top of the everyday work). With all my big projects behind me, I am settling in to a slower paced season. It has already been amazing to see the difference BUT there is always that temptation to fill the space up so I’m having to be really conscious to not overload this time.

1389881_840190226011362_134965916_nHere were my goals for September:

  • Plan a party for Vivi’s first birthday. I should note, it is September 12, her party will be October 5 and I haven’t even designed an invitation yet!! Yay!! It was simple and perfect with close family. 
  • Study the book of Ruth. Yes, yes, yes. Ruth is a short book and to spend the whole month on it meant I was able to dive in a lot more than I normally do and study the story and characters. So loved this. Reading through Proverbs this month. 
  • Have a successful show at Tinsel & Treasure. Local gals, get all your Christmas shopping done here! :) It was amazing!!! It was so fun to meet so many of y’all that have connected with me on social media. I can’t wait for next year. 
  • Create some prayer cards with things to pray for for Tyler. I just finished reading The Power of a Praying Wife and have been really motivated to pray more for Tyler. Even more than this list. This did not get finished. It’s on my list for October now! 

928601_1572846682935084_73759383_nHere are my October Goals:


  • October challenge. My goal for this is 15 minutes a day with my journal. I will pull it out throughout my day and get a few minutes here and there, but I really wanted a solid time, even a short one, to focus on prayer.
  • Making Things Happen. I am so excited to go to attend this conference at the end of the month. I can’t wait to meet so many people I have only chatted with through social media. Anyone else attending??
  • Plan a secret project. More on this soon!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • Host a clothes swap. Has anyone done this? I heard this idea from one of my friends. Everyone brings clothes they want to get rid of. Everyone leaves with a few new pieces for their wardrobe and a leaner closet.
  • Work through our home to do list. Since moving, we’ve had several things we need to take care of but have put off because of work stuff. I’m hoping to tackle them this month!

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Comments (2)

Hey Val! I didn’t realize you were attending MTH this month. I will be there as well – my first time and I’m excited to see what will come out of it! Glad to know another person from South Louisiana will be there. I hope we get a chance to meet!