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Headed to Austin!

6.6.2013 • 1 Comment


Tyler and I are headed to Austin, Lake Travis to be exact, for a little baby moon this Sunday! We’re going a bit early but decided to go before it got too hot and the pre-summer prices didn’t hurt either! ; )

I would love any tips you have for making the most of your baby moon! There will be plenty of laughs, relaxing in the pool and reading going on, but I’d love to make sure it’s also an intentional experience as we get ready to add to the chaos our family.

What did you do that your glad you did or wish you did on your baby moon? Or just before the birth of your child?

Also, I am in need of tons of tips on where to go and what to eat. We’ve been a few times but would love to try some new things. There are things that I’m good at, then there is vacation planning. I am the WORST!! We have found ourself at an Olive Garden in Boston. Yep. We need help. : )

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Comments (2)

First of all, I wish I knew when you were in Boston(my hometown) because that’s just wrong! 😉 Secondly, enjoy the closeness that you and your husband have pre-baby. Talk about ways you can maintain it. It’s so easy to let everything go once you have a child. Maybe write each other a letter on the babymoon and open them a month or so after the baby is born. Most of all, enjoy and relax! Try to turn off the worry switch. After all, there’ll be years of that once you become a momma. 😉

I know huh?? We swore we’d never tell anyone but I think enough time has passed. ; ) Writing a letter is such a good idea!! Love that!!