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Holiday :: Christmas Times A-Coming!


Happy Monday Everyone!

It has been quite an eventful weekend in our household! I had a big wedding Saturday, and my husband and I (mostly husband) moved to a new apartments. My usual Sunday morning wedding hangover didn’t mesh well with Sunday day-long unpacking. Today I’ll be working on unpacking and organizing my new office! : ) Why is that so much fun??

I am so looking forward to the holidays and aiming to be prepared for it a bit better this year. Last year, Tyler and I did 90% of our shopping on Dec. 23. Eeek!

We are getting started earlier on our Christmas cards too! ; )

I was thrilled to design holiday cards as part of the new collection.  The designs are designed with thought out, minimal design so your beautiful photographs can really shine!

Check out our holiday lookbook for more info on pricing, how to order, fun envelope and backer options and more! The ordering process takes about 4 weeks so there is still plenty of time to order. And all the designs are pretty versatile. If you’ve got your own wording different from your favorite layout, we can replace with your wording!

I just finished ordering cute little gifts for our Christmas card orders this season! So excited for the holidays to get here! : )

And just in case you are a procrastinator like me, I’ve designed a Happy New Year cards too! 🙂

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