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How I Use Essential Oils


ylessentialoils2A few years back, I remember a buzz about essential oils. I was so fascinated about it and remember reading up on it for like a week. Then I saw these little oil kits ran hundreds of dollars. I quickly put my crunchy granola essential oil loving dream to bed.

Fast forward to Vivi being born and I started wondering again about them and all the natural benefits. I’d like to use meds as sparsely as possible for her if I can help it and at this point was a little more willing to talk investment.

There are tons of different brands you can go with, even options at the drugstore. I ended up going with Young Living (which wasn’t nearly as expensive as I had first thought) because there were TONS of helpful posts on how to use their specific blends.

I originally ordered the starter kit with seven oils but realized one of the oils I was most excited to get was the Thieves (more on that below). I quickly canceled it and got the 10 oil starter kit. Now, I knew this diffuser would be in a prominent place in our home and I simply didn’t like the look of the Young Living diffuser. : /

My sister found this diffuser on Gilt for about half the price and I purchased in white. She got the pink which looks so good in her apartment! They have a few other fun colors and I am kind of loving the black as well! I found an old cigar box to hold mine so they are handy but not all over the counter.


If you aren’t picky like me, you can purchase the kit with a diffuser for a little less through Young Living’s website. If you do order this way, be sure to order through this lovely lady! I found so much information through their posts!

Emily Anderson

Also, I have heard lots of great things about this book if you’d like an extensive list of which oils help what, but I haven’t gotten it yet because we don’t have any ailments beyond the basics right now.


Ok so how am I actually using these oils?? We definitely have a routine:

JOY – First thing in the morning, I had Joy to the diffuser. This is the most used oil for us. I don’t know what it is about the scent but the first time we diffused it, the mood were certainly lighter and joyful. We keep this diffusing all day until about 5 PM.

PEACE & CALMING – If Vivi is having a particularly fussy time, normally early afternoon, I’ll put on this one. It’s a stress reliever and helps Vivi AND me.

LAVENDER – If she’s been fine, 5PM is normally when I switch out the Joy for Lavender. It’s the perfect oil to help us wind down and for Vivi to enjoy as we put her down to sleep.

THIEVES – This oil has multi-uses, it can be diffused, rubbed on your feet and dropped under your tongue to prevent sickness. I was starting to come down with a cold and did this for 2-3 days and never had a full cold come on.

PURIFICATION & LEMON – On Saturday mornings when I’m cleaning up the apartment, I diffuse these two. The Purification seems to clear out the air, making it fresh even if it’s felt muggy. The Lemon I just love for that added fresh and clean smell. Sometimes I’ll swap out the Lemon for Peppermint.

PEPPERMINT – For headaches, you can diffuse or place a drop in your hands, rub together and sniff. Or drop on a warm compress. My mom was over and had a terrible headache. She tried a few drops and it was gone in 10 minutes. She still talks about it. ; )

LEMON – I also use this to drop a few drops in tea for flavoring. Peppermint can be used as well!

PANAWAY – I haven’t had to use this yet, but I’ve heard it’s great for PMS cramps and other aches and pains.

FRANKINCENSE – This can be massaged on your face and is supposed to help with anti-aging. I haven’t done this consistently enough to tell the difference. Also, I like to diffuse this when I’m spending extended time reading the Word or praying.

VALOR – This is supposed to be really good for back pain. I’ve dealt with some back issues since Vivi was born and plan to try this the next time I have any pain!

There are TONS of ways to use the oils. Definitely check out Emily Anderson’s posts for more info. And if you use essential oils, what are some of the ways you benefit from them?

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