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A moment, a day, a life transformed by prayer.

Asking Questions


How to align your heart for prayer


Welcome to our annual Prayer Series! This year, we’re expanding on each of the different prompts that you’ll find in our prayer journal. No journal required to benefit from the practical tips you’ll find here, but if you’d like to check out our 2019 Prayer Journal Collection, click here!

How to prepare your heart and mind by Valerie Woerner | prayer journal, ACTS, diy, praying, war room, Scripture, Bible study, adoration, praise, verses, quotes

The Adoration, Scripture and Quote sections of our prayer journals are not throw away sections that we decided to add in the last moments to fill space. These are sections we included to help usher you into the presence of the Lord.

Think of them as your tunnel into the most quiet and tranquil library garden to meet with God as you escape a world of distractions.

I will never make you feel that praying should be easy to dive into. My hope is that our journals really help focus your mind, but to even get to the point where we lift up requests, I think we need a heart that is completely open to what the Lord might tell us and trusting of Him as we surrendering so many things to Him. This is impossible if we aren’t sure of who God is. And His Word? That’s one of the biggest ways we discover it.

Prayer and Bible study are not two separate things. They work together to help us know and experience the Lord on a deeper level. In these sections, they come together to align our heart with His.

Here’s a few tips for how to fill out these sections:


  • Choose a name of God to meditate on. We love these pretty cards from Tiny Theologians to give you ideas! The 100 Names of God book as well as this free YouVersion Bible reading plan are also excellent resources.
  • Look to see if there are any themes throughout your requests to see if there’s one characteristic of God you should focus on. (Ex: If there are a lot of needs I’ll focus on God as provider.)
  • Follow @sarahagertywrites on Instagram for lots of adoration inspiration to add to this section!
  • Add specific Scripture verses here to pray back to Him. There are so many good ones in the Psalms!


  • A verse that you want to memorize. Is there a specific Scripture that you need to remember or be challenged by?
  • A “prayer-starter.” A passage of Scripture that you know you can automatically turn to when you’re beginning your prayer time. Great for those days when things aren’t flowing!
  • Anything that jumps out to you from your Bible study.


  • A recent highlight from your current read!
  • A word of truth you came across scrolling through social media.
  • An insight from your sermon notes that you want to live out.

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How to prepare your heart and mind by Valerie Woerner | prayer journal, ACTS, diy, praying, war room, Scripture, Bible study, adoration, praise, verses, quotes

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