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Inspiration for Vivi Mae

5.20.2013 • 1 Comment

Today I wanted to share with you an inspiration board for Vivi Mae’s “space” as we will be calling it. We are currently living in a two-bedroom apartment, with the extra bedroom being Val Marie Paper headquarters. We will be here at least another year so Vivi won’t exactly have a room of her own so some of these details are strictly for fun and won’t actually work with our setup! 🙂 We spent all day Saturday uncluttering to see what will work best, whether it’s making space in my office or in our bedroom for all her paraphernalia. ; ) Her crib will be in our room in the beginning.

You will notice the inspiration is lacking severely in the “baby” department. Truthfully, primary colors, plastic and circus themed patterns give me hives and make my eyes cross a little. I’m so glad they’ve started designing lots of neutral patterns.

I’m pretty sure the kaleidoscope of kid patterns and colors is unavoidable but I think this palette and inspiration will keep it a little sophisticated and calm, if just for her momma’s sake. ; )

As usual, my inspiration was to incorporate more textures than patterns. For colors, I’ve never been a pink girl but for some reason, a peachy coral seemed just perfect. I also knew mixed metals would be involved somehow. I think it helps make a room more eclectic and less matchy matchy and shopping easier when both metals will work. Soft grays have also been something that I keep pinning to my baby board. It seems there is no shortage of gray in baby gear, which I love. It adds such a simple, calm feel. Originally, I did not have the black incorporated. It seemed a bit much. But then I found this main image I had saved a while back. It seemed like the perfect combo of color and texture. I use the word texture waaay to much but because I’m not a big pattern girl, textures keep it from being boring.

One thing I do want to incorporate in some chic (if I can be so picky) way are ducks. Throughout the last few months, and moreso in the last week, I’ve been obsessed with walking around the lake and watching the ducks. This has been a time where I pray a lot for Vivi and her future, so I think it would be so fun to include that and always remember this time with her in my belly. ; )

What do you think?


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Comments (2)

LOOOOVE!!! It’s so perfect. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be getting stuff that didn’t scream baby. Thankful for etsy and style bloggers. Can’t wait!! One thing you gotta do is design something or make something for her space. I still get emotional sometimes when I put Judah to sleep and see the verse I painted that I prayed over him. Lucky girl!!

Yes! I definitely need to design something but I have NOOOO idea what!! Ideas are welcome my creative friend. : )