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January Goals

1.3.2013 • 2 Comments

As I mentioned in my last post, my big resolution this year is to CONNECT, but I do have that other little list I’ll be keeping in sight too! ; )

Here’s the full list for 2013.

1. Create more meaningful relationship with God, my husband, family, friends and clients.
2. Be money content, spending less, saving more – More on this in a few weeks.
3. Strengthen my endurance – I’d love to have more energy to live my life to the fullest. Seasons in my life when I’m most sedentary have a serious effect on my ability to do so many things.
4. Create a font style – Must practice the calligraphy more.
5. Change my eating habits – Instead of just getting rid of junk food, I want to make sure I’m incorporating and enjoying more veggies!
6. Go on another adventure with Tyler like our month in Philly.
7. Attend Engage! – I’ve seen from afar what an inspiring event this is and would love to meet so many people I chat with on a daily basis but have yet to meet!

I was inspired by Nancy Ray to share with y’all my goals each month to make my way through this big list. I have been so inspired by reading hers, I hope this will be inspiring to you.

The pictures will most likely be random and simply pretty things I’d love to look at for a month! This photo is from Tartelette. I have an acorn squash on my cutting board now just waiting to be made into this delicious looking soup!

I think it would be so fun if everyone posted a blog sharing their monthly goals. Leave a link if you do and I’ll keep up with them each month! : )

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Comments (3)

I love my Vionic shoes!! They have great arch support! I started with their slippers but almost all of my shoes are Vionic now. They also have shoe support inserts too.

Love this and love the photo!!! I was also inspired by Nancy way back when and have been doing this for like 2 years now! Crazy … but it really does work and I love being held accountable for my goals! Thanks for sharing! You can do it!!! 😉