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Looking For Good

12.17.2012 • 2 Comments

Note :: I wrote this post about an hour before the Connecticut shoot on Friday. Seems only more fitting to share now.

It seems like every day there are more and more stories that just break my heart to see that are world is so full of shootings, natural disasters and scandals.

The things we fill are mind with are important to us. I’ve always been of the mindset that I’d really rather not know even though I know about all the bad things happening. I’ve always felt guilty about this. Joyce Meyer made me feel a little better though.

The truth is, knowing the big picture is good, but inundating ourself with all the horrors around the world doesn’t necessarily help those situations. It only helps us feel helpless. Again, I’m not saying watching the news is bad. We shouldn’t live in a sheltered bubble unwilling to face reality. It’s saturating our mind in the news 24/7 that can be harmful.

We need to know that God is still here. He’s present. He is a work. It’s just not so publicized as all the wars and tragedies. We need to overwhelm the world with stories of goodness. We need to hear more about Victoria Soto than Adam Lanza.

So what can we do?

1. Write someone and tell them how they’ve made a difference to you. I decide to design some stationery to have on hand to send notes out to people. I remember hearing years back, that there is no good reason to NOT encourage someone. I don’t ever want something encouraging that pops into my head to stay there. I want it to reach the person it needs to reach. I actually got an encouraging note today from someone thanking me for inspiring them (thank you so much Alyssa!!) and was able to experience what I hope my letters did for those I sent them to: to fuel them to keep doing what they’re doing. Sometimes doing good is easy. Sometimes doing good is exhausting. KNOWING you are making a difference is just the encouragement we need sometimes to keep on. Download the design I created here!

2. Please, even if you are more of a reader than a commenter, leave a comment below of things you’ve seen recently of goodness or things you have done to do good, no matter how small. We need to hear it. We need to know it. I think it can be a truly powerful thing and so encouraging!

I saw this shared on Facebook after the shooting and thought it fit perfectly with this post. I hope it encourages you too!

26 Moments that restored our faith in humanity


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Comments (2)

Great post! I’ve been encouraged by taking care of cancer patients. Last week, we were actually treated to two great meals by very generous families of patients who passed away. It may seem small, but a meal means a lot to lift up spirits during the work week. Thanks for encouraging us to encourage and do good!

There is a little boy in Virginia who is living with terminal cancer. His special Christmas wish was to receive letters and cards from police officers, firefighters and EMS personnel from all over the country. My wonderful boyfriend inspired his entire department and other local departments to take part in making this little boy’s wish come true. 🙂