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March Goals


Happy March everyone! Two quick thoughts /tips on goal setting.

1. On February 28, I scrambled to finish two of my goals and told my husband just how accountable this goal sharing thing can be! If you are feeling stuck with your goals, definitely share them with someone even if it’s one person that you can keep up with once a month. (And if you blog your goals like I do, I’d love to read them and I know others would too! Leave a link in the comments to your March Goals!)

2. Look at your goals list. Do many depend on actions of other people? If so, keep these goals flexible. I had several in February that other people were apart of so it does take longer because you can’t just sit down when you have a free minute to tackle your list. Some steps may require input from others. My March list is a bit more independent.


1. Do survey about new collection. I actually already created this and would LOVE your feedback on what you’d like to see more of or new product ideas. Fill out here! Yes! This was so good. I did this last year as well and the feedback is so important. I have ideas but when I pair them with your needs, it even better.

2. Participate in the Kindness Challenge. I listened to a podcast with Shaunti, the creator of the Kindness Challenge and knew I wanted to do this for Tyler for this month! Nope. I actually messed up something with the daily emails and never ended up getting them. I’ll try this again later this year though. I love the idea of daily prompts.

3. Read Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence. I read it. I’m still on the fence about what I thought about it. Has anyone else read it? What did you think?

4. Write proposal revisions and turn in to publisher. Would love your prayers! Not yet. I have a meeting with my agent today to go over the revisions though. 

5. Compile list of ailments. Ok so this sounds depressing, but in light of my goal to “marvel at what my body can do“, I want to be proactive in healing the things that feel broken. Yes! And I didn’t just make a list of ailments, I made one action step for each. Things I should have done forever ago but never got intentional about it. 

6. Get a house phone. For reals. I still spend way too much time on my phone. Part of my excuse is needing it nearby in case Tyler or mom or sister calls, because that’s mostly of my calls! 😉 My plan is to put my phone away early afternoon for the rest of the evenings. It’s like $13 a month and I think that’s totally worth it if I spend less time on my phone each evening. False. It ended up being over $30 so we are going to hold off. Another phone company just dug in our neighborhood so that will be available in a few months and I’ll try again then. Hoping the competition will mean someone offers a better price! 😉

7. Talk with Bailey about VMP Giving. I am so excited for this one! If you own a small business and want to give more through your company, go check out her company, Abel Impact. Yes! I am so excited for what we already talked about. Still working through final plans that I’ll share soon. And Bailey is actually about to start a guided program for small biz owners. Info here

8. Plan a garden. The flood has had our yard looking pitiful since August. Yes! I got some books from the library, checked out Lara Casey’s gardening 101 post and ordered plants! Each product listing for the plant had all the growing info so I made a secret pinterest board with them so I can make sure to have all the info together before we actually plant. 

9. Finish family vision. For real, for real. 🙂  YESSSSS!! So much to say about this one! First up, in case you haven’t heard, I am working on a journal so you can create your own family vision. It will be similar to our marriage prep guide. Having ours written out has already made for more intentional moments. It’s literally just in an Evernote file so I’m excited to create the journal so I can use it myself! 

10. Host a Facebook Live. Got this done on Feb. 1. 🙂  It’s about how I actually schedule my goals into my months. See it here! And I actually did a second one walking through what the Fresh Collection journals are about and how I use mine here. The quality isn’t great but I crossed the hurdle of getting started. Hopefully more to come. Like the facebook page if you want notifications of future Facebook Lives. 


1. Launch secret project. Too much to explain in one short blurb but I’ll be blogging this soon hopefully. 🙂

2. Read Lists to Love by for Busy Wives

3. Meditate on Scripture. I want to meditate on a different Scripture everyday throughout the day. Our pastor created a little 40 day guide for meditating on one verse a day through Easter. How perfect!! 🙂 You can download it here.

4. Write 20,000 words for Grumpy Mom. This one scares me a little, but I’m going for it. My first step was to take a standard writing session 1 1/2-2 hours at the coffee shop and see how many words I wrote on average to figure out how much time this would take.

5. Create meal plan cards. I heard this idea from the Wellness Mama’s podcast.

6. Pray for friends. This month is a busy work month but I still want to be connected with my friends. I pray for them every month but they will be more of a focus while I can’t physically be as present this month.

7. Beginning curating my closet. I’m not pressuring myself too much with this one this month but I do want to start the process. More on this soon!

8. Read Discipline by Elisabeth Elliot. This book goes right in line with my goal to learn…discipline. On a Biblical level. I’m really excited about this!

9. Finish Pinfinite Growth course. Pinterest is our biggest referrer for our shop so I want to maximize it as much as possible. It’s a pricy course but I’d love to automate as much as possible on the marketing side so I can focus on creating products and blog posts and books! 🙂

10. Embrace boredom. I already mentioned, this is a busy work month. Normally mommy guilt would tell me we need to go do tons of fun things to overcompensate. It’d result in me worn out and, well, a grumpy mom. This month we are going to enjoy more small moments, walks, swinging, watching the birds. Honestly, just making this a goal has already made a difference. Yesterday we did all these things and I was able to slow down more.


I shared a Facebook Live video called “How I schedule monthly goals” if you need help making your monthly goals actionable! Click here to watch! 

Also, If you are looking for a way to set goals and take action on them daily, weekly and monthly, check out the Powersheets! Besides prayer, this is the single biggest factor for how I’ve been able to focus my goals and make things happen over the last 3 years!



This month we will be stockpiling our giving so we have startup funds for what Bailey and I decide for our giving. (See #7 of February goals). I can’t wait to share it with you!!

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