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A moment, a day, a life transformed by prayer.

Asking Questions


May Goals


Confession. I don’t think I looked at my Powersheets all month. I had planned some goals and some did happen but for the most part, the big goal was getting the journal done and that, I didn’t need any reminder of. 😉 I’m getting back with it this month and super excited. I actually don’t mind seasons of hustle but love a good routine.


1. Ask God daily questions and make space to listen. I didn’t do this much. I’m pretty sure most of my praying was “God please let me get some good words out today” or “God please be with Vivi/Vana…”

2. Complete PT & at home exercises. Woohoo! And I am feeling good!!

3. Enjoy pool time and zoo trips. Yes! More zoo and less pool because they are doing some repairs right now but hope to swim more this month.

4. Update closets for the season, get rid or store of everything that doesn’t fit. I did the girls but not mine and Tylers. Partial victory?

5. Get back to habits and routines now that book and Silos are done. I’m just over here giggling because I thought April was going to be so calm and that #6 would fit into my regular schedule.

6. Write journal tentatively called “Fresh Start for Moms” to go along with the book, “Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday”. DONE!!! Took much longer than planned and me camping out at my sister’s house and working from her home office for a full two days but it is done!

7. Get accounts updated and straight. For the most part, this is done but we are still working on a few things!

8. Track calories or macros so I know what I’m eating. I did this for a little while and it’s always a helpful reminder but didn’t do the whole months and I’ll refer you back to #6.


1. Go through “Fresh Start for Moms”. This is the 31-devo I juuuuust turned into my publisher. I am super excited to go through it myself this month!

2. 30 minutes in prayer a day.

3. Hire someone to do our landscaping.

4. Consistently use Shipt and set up favorites. Local peeps, they have Target and Rouses! Use this link for $20 off your first trip!

5. Restart Love Sweat Fitness workouts.

6. Go to a Crossfit class with Tyler.

7. Read Tech Wise Family.

8. Fresh Outlook and stretch nightly.

9. Nightly gratitude with Tyler.

10. Prep for sabbatical.



  • Pray about sleep
  • Pray about eating
  • Pray about discipline
  • Pray about fire for the Lord
  • Pray about phone


I shared a Facebook Live video called “How I schedule monthly goals” if you need help making your monthly goals actionable! Click here to watch!

Also, If you are looking for a way to set goals and take action on them daily, weekly and monthly, check out the Powersheets! Besides prayer, this is the single biggest factor for how I’ve been able to focus my goals and make things happen over the last 4 years!

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