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How to have a minimal and meaningful Christmas


The Christmas season is upon us and it already feels like the time, energy and money needed to have a joyful season are just out of reach. Between the never-ending to-to list, the dwindling hours of sleep, and the upcoming travel plans, we’re already feeling anxious and overwhelmed, and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! But what if this season could be different? What if you could celebrate in a minimal and meaningful way to experience peace, joy, contentment and presence, no matter how much your bank account or calendar try to overwhelm you?

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We’re here today to remind you that the Christmas you long for is possible; it just takes a few mindset shifts, a little planning, and maybe more than a few needed “no’s”. We’ve rounded up our best blog posts to help you have a minimal and meaningful Christmas season, so look over them below and find the one or two that you most need this year!

Your guide for a minimal and meaningful Christmas:


Feeling easily frustrated or overwhelmed by all the little things out of your control this season? This post will help you spot the lies that are holding you back from your most joyful self!

High expectations often leave you disappointed and discouraged? This post might be for you.

If you only do one thing this season, we invite you to keep prayer at the center of your Christmas celebrations with these practical, yet seasonal prayer-pairing activities.


If you always feel the need to out-give others, this post may be the heart check you need before you start buying all those big-ticket items.

Between the decorations, the food, the parties and the gifts, it can easy to quickly spend beyond our means. This post provides a few tips that will help you enjoy the season to its fullest without breaking the bank!


Needing a little help keeping holiday indulgences in check? Check out this post on practicing margin in eating.


Does your December calendar make your head spin? This post will help you think through your non-negotiable activities this season so that you can say “no” to the rest.

And if you just really want to pare things back this year, here’s a post on how to have a minimal and meaningful Christmas so you can protect your home, budget and heart this season.

Wishing you a very wonderful Christmas season ahead!

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