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Monday & The First?!


Monday PossibilitiesIt’s Monday morning! I’m that girl that sees every Monday morning as a fresh start. Top it off with the fact that it’s the first day of a new month and I feel quite reborn and ready to tackle the world!!

Whether it’s a fresh start at starting a workout plan or work routine or simply saying goodbye to a rough week, I just love the new chance to start over. EVERYTHING SEEMS POSSIBLE!

The problem comes on Tuesday when it’s not a fresh start and I’ve already “botched it for the week” and convince myself I’ll try again next “fresh start.”

Not today! I’m making a plan that goes beyond one day. One for Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday. I think we work harder when we remember what we’re working for. And also when we realize that a string of todays is what we have to work with.

TODAY IS THE DAY! Wake up everyday remembering that, and we can accomplish amazing things!! Happy July!!

An adapted post from Val & Words blog! 

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