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My Routine : Quiet Time


This post was written before Vana! We’re in survival mode over here so things are a little different right now but I hope to get back to something similar to this routine soon!

Another area that I desperately rely on a routine is in my quiet times! This is a super big priority for me, but it can so easily get pushed to the side if I don’t have a good game plan. This will all change a bit I’m sure when Vana arrives but I thought I’d share my current routine and update when I figure out what will work best after we have settled in!

IMG_9922Here is typically what my routine looks like:

The night before, I set out a comfy blanket on the couch and a tray with all my materials on our coffee table.

I wake up atleast 1 hour and 1/2 before Vivi does. She sleeps till 8 so this is very doable for me right now. I know this isn’t the case for everyone! I personally need lots of alone time to refresh so sleep training and praying for her sleep are key ingredients to making this work!

I should have disclaimer. I don’t typically use all these every single day. It helps to create a little bit of flexibility so nothing becomes stale or something I just do out of obligation:


I normally start with a really short prayer for clarity and to help my mind focus. And I wish I was perfect at this, but I fail at this alot: no phones until after QT.


Gratitude Journal: This is normally the first thing I open. It really helps me ease into my quiet time to simply think of a few things I am grateful for instead of diving into something deep. I tried ending my quiet times with this but I many times my quiet time is interrupted so I kept missing out on this completely.


Journaling Bible (or $30 option): I love using a journaling Bible for a few reasons. It has no commentary or notes so I can study on my own before getting other opinions.

ESV Study Bible: This one has some commentary at the bottom of the pages.

The Moody Bible Commentary: This is a BIG commentary book. It’s more in depth than what the ESV Study Bible offers and also gives me a different perspective which causes me to be a more diligent reader. 

Notebook 1: This notebook is for my in depth study of a specific book of the Bible. I read Women of the Word by Jen Wilkins and it helped me realize the importance of studying almost like a subject in school. There is a quote she shares in the book that I actually shared in The Finishing School. Paul Bloom says, “People ask me ‘How do you get more pleasure out of life?’ And my answer is extremely pedantic: Study more…The key to enjoying wine isn’t just to guzzle a lot of expensive wine, it’s to learn about wine.”

Notebook 2: Sometimes, I come across one simple verse that I want to dive deeper into. In this notebook, I will dive deeper this way: 1. Read the full chapter that the verse is found in. 2. Read 4-6 translations of the verse (normally NIV, ESV, NLT, AMP, MSG and CEV). 3. Look up any words for the definition if I’m having trouble breaking it down. 4. Jot down observations about the verse: What does this say about God? What does this mean for me?

Ipad: I use this for my YouVersion app to read all the different versions of a passage as well as to expound on the meaning of different words.


Prayer Journal: I go through a section in my prayer journal. If I’m short on time, this is the part I skip because I tend to take it with me in the car and pray while driving or at different times throughout the day.

Conversations Journal: I normally write out prayers every few days usually when I’m too distracted to pray without writing. ; ) I love having this to look back on as it tells such a story through different seasons.


On weekends, I tend to have a more laidback routine and read a spiritual book. See what I’m currently reading at GoodReads here!

Leave a comment and share what your quiet time routine looks like! 

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