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Asking Questions


Do you need a life coach?


My husband and I recently figured out something about our personalities. I’m an independent go-getter. I can be self-motivated because my personality is a little more introverted. My husband, discovering that coaching is how he finds motivation, joined Crossfit, got a business coach and a financial advisor. He’s thriving, y’all.

I always wonder if my goals posts are annoying to some who feel like they just can’t muster up the energy for it. I don’t think the truth is that I just have more motivation. I think it’s that we all find motivation in different places. If mentoring and accountability are where you thrive, I’d highly recommend a life coach!

One in particular, in fact.

I found out about Diana Kerr earlier this year and got lost in her blog reading pretty much every post and just nodding my head “YES!!” and felt like we were do-you-need-life-coachsplit from the same atom. If you like any of my goals motivation, you will love Diana. She JUST launched a group coaching program called Bold, Intentional Life, so if a life coach is something you’d love, but maybe feel like you cannot afford, definitely check this out before registration closes in a few days! 

A little about Diana:

She is a wife, mama-to-be, rheumatoid arthritis warrior, and Certified Professional Life Coach from Milwaukee, WI. She coaches go-getter Christian women on something she’s super passionate about: Tackling overwhelm and making time for what matters most. She’s constantly asking God to help her live with a heaven-focused perspective, which yes, looks a little counter-cultural, but is actually pretty amazing. 🙂

What does coaching specifically look like?

My 1-on-1 coaching program, the Life Refresh Program, is a 4-month coaching program catered specifically to each individual client’s needs. I use the Christian Coaching Model to coach clients through the steps of awareness, vision, and strategy to help them gain clarity, find direction, solidify vision, and most of all, take action toward an intentional life! Most but not all of my clients are business owners trying to juggle a bunch of roles and find that sweet spot of working hard but not letting work consume them and cause them to sacrifice the priorities that matter most. 

During the 4 weeks of coaching, we have a 2-hour Strategy Session to start with (which often includes some tears, meaning that we dig deep, in a good way!), and then follow that up with 16 weeks of weekly, 30-minute Coaching Sessions. It’s all on the phone so it fits very conveniently into my clients’ busy lives! (Naptimes and lunch breaks are popular times to schedule Sessions!) 

In addition to the Coaching Calls, clients have unlimited email access to me for anything they need–encouragement, accountability, feedback, or prayer. (Oh, I should have mentioned that I pray for my clients at the end of every Session! That is often one of my clients’ favorite parts and is a huge perk of being a Christian coach and having clients who love Jesus!) We also use a Google Sheet for accountability to track their action steps each week, their monthly goals, and notes from our Coaching Sessions. My clients also get access to all my digital products or group coaching programs for free! 

Price range?

The investment for 1-on-1 coaching is anywhere from $675-$750/month depending on which payment plan you choose. 

What are some specific benefits past clients have mentioned?

Since my coaching is so tailored to my clients and is a hybrid of life + business coaching, the benefits vary a lot from client to client and include a lot of different categories of life! I will probably list out way too much, but I just get so excited to see how God works in my clients through this process. It’s all to his credit and for his glory! 

  • Faith life:  Consistent routine of quiet time with God for the first time ever
    • Significant increase in strength of relationship with God
    • Bible reading + devotional plan catered to the client’s life and faith background for clients overwhelmed with how to dig into God’s Word
  • Marriage + family
    • Way more quality time to spend with husband and kiddos
    • Happier husbands–because their wives are less stressed and also are more able to love on them!  (I LOVE to hear how much clients’ husbands love coaching!)
    • Kids making comments to their moms (my clients) about how they seem happier and how they like that their mom plays with them more (Oh, my heart! How wonderful is that?!)
  • Health:
    • A tailored workout plan they’re finally sticking to for the first time in their life
    • Significant progress over emotional eating, stress eating, overeating, etc.
    • Super specific tailored plans on how to improve quality of nutrition in what a client’s eating and how she’ll implement that in her life and with her family
    • Getting lots more sleep + sleeping better at night!
  • Finances:
    • Establishing a budget that hubby is on board with
  • Business: 
    • Delegating tasks to a VA for the first time
    • Setting up systems and checklists that make business way more efficient
    • Weekly routines and habits established in business that transform the way time is spent
    • More money made with less time spent
  • Miscellaneous/general:
    • Less reliance on medication for physical and emotional health problems (I’ve had clients tell me that coaching for just a few weeks was more valuable than months of therapy. Note: There are amazing therapists out there; if you’re currently in counseling and it’s not jiving/helping, talk to your therapist or find a new one!)
    • Less stress, mom guilt, overwhelm, comparison, chaos + more organization, joy, closeness to God and others, focus on priorities, etc.

Anything else you think might be misconceptions?

I think there’s a lot of confusion about the difference between coaching and counseling. First of all, both are so valuable, and I am a huge advocate for counseling; I even send some prospective clients to counselors if I think they need that more than they need coaching, or in addition to coaching. However, there are definitely differences. Counseling is more about working through past issues, trauma, and more severe mental health issues; coaching is more about taking you from where you are now to where you want to be. A good counselor will definitely incorporate some action steps and goal setting, but coaching is much less about processing and venting and more about building really thorough, strong strategies for taking action. There’s also a very strong accountability element in coaching.

Another misconception is that a coach just gives you advice–they tell you exactly what to do. Some coaches do that, and it can be very helpful, but true coaches do a lot more than that. True coaching is about having the skill to listen very intently to your clients and ask them powerful questions that help them make discoveries, instead of you just telling them everything or giving your opinion. I always use fitness plans as an example–Yes, I could get on the phone with a client who wants to take better care of the body God’s given her and simply recommend to her exactly what I do, but what if my workout routine doesn’t fit her schedule or fit her objectives for working out? What if she hates the running I tell her to do because she’s more of a Barre girl? A good coach doesn’t just tell you what to do; they help you figure out what you want and need to do, and then develop a plan that will work for you. 

Check out Diana’s website for more encouragement and info! 

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