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School is back in session and it’s got me missing back to school shopping. I used to love getting our supply list and shopping for the coolest pencil bag and the perfect spotless tennies! Then I’d load up my new booksack neatly with my new supplies and would repack it a few times before school actually started just to look at everything again. To satisfy my hankering for brand new school supplies, I’ve got a round up of some of my favorite office supplies!! I’d love to know some of yours too!!


1. BAMBOO CALCULATOR. I do a lot of math during the day and use my phone a good bit. I love the idea of having this on hand when I’m on the phone and need to crunch the numbers.

2. RIFLE PAPER NOTE SET.  I normally use my own stationery for the most part but I absolutely love all of Anna’s designs and especially love this taste of Europe.

3. KRAFT LABELS. These could be used for so much! It comes in bulk so per item, it’s ridiculously affordable. They can be used to label items around the office or packages to ship.

4. EMILY LEY’S SIMPLIFIED PLANNER.  I’m obsessed with this binder and just ordered the blue shade. Also comes in tan and pink. What put me over the edge was that she will share printables on her blog to add to the binder.

5. RULED LETTER OPENER. I am constantly reaching for a ruler to measure things. I love how classy this letter opener is AND that it’s dual purpose.

6. SEMIKOLON NOTEBOOK. This notebook has three different sections, one ruled, one graph paper and one blank. For the past 9 months, my little notebook has held new design sketches, to-dos and ideas. And it matches my brand! ; )

What are your favorite products??

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