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October Goals


Happy October! In the name of margin, I’m changing up my goal posts a bit and keeping them short and sweet. It sounds silly but I feel like they’ve gotten longer and more drawn out. I now use 100 words to describe a 3-word goal. It’s too much! ; ) I feel like sticking to just the goals (for most!) will keep me taking action and not just talking about them. So here goes:


1. Have 5 minutes of daily silence & solitude. Done!!
2. Support Tyler well before, during & after Ragin Games. Done!!
3. Plan anniversary. Done!!
4. Put prayers for girls in Nozbe. Done!!
5. Plan party for Vivi’s b-day. Done!!  We are doing something different actually. I’ll share Friday! 😉
6. Launch collection well. Done!!
7. Create mastermind group. Done!!
8. Fully enjoy beach trip. Done!!
9. Start health reboot with Meredyth. Done!! It’s going great!
10. Get our paperwork in order. Mostly done! This stuff is my thorn.
11. Find fall rhythms. Done!!
12. Take cooking course. I started but haven’t finished. Loving it though!


1. Pray extra intentionally for our home, church and friends.
2. Become Marriage Mentors. (We did the training. Highly recommend!)
3. Plan fun trip to New Orleans with Tyler.
4. Start filling out Legacy Prayer Journal for each girls. (If you pre-ordered they should arrive to me in a week!)
5. Read Shepherding a Child’s Heart.
6. Streamline backend of VMP / close loops.
7. Write and publish prayer series. Starting next week! 🙂
8. Target core and back in workouts.
9. Fill out Family Creed with Tyler.
10. Clean out all our closets.


I shared a Facebook Live video called “How I schedule monthly goals” if you need help making your monthly goals actionable! Click here to watch!

Also, If you are looking for a way to set goals and take action on them daily, weekly and monthly, check out the Powersheets! Besides prayer, this is the single biggest factor for how I’ve been able to focus my goals and make things happen over the last 3 years!


We decided to change things up this year for our giving. We are now partnering with RMI on a longterm basis to provide hot meals for two schools in Haiti for the entire school year. For most of these kids, this is their only hot meal and for some only meal of the day! 10% of every purchase made will go directly to this project so every journal you buy provides SIX meals for students and every year provides EIGHTEEN! Amazing!!!

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