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I tend to research things ALOT (and I look EXACTLY this ^ glamourous pondering that research, glitter shorts, velvet chair and all). I tend to research things to a point where my Evernote is overwhelmed with inspiration or ideas or information and I freeze up because I don’t know where to start.

Any one else do that??

We are taught to make thought out decisions but sometimes the best thing we can do is just start. How motivating to complete a project when you have already gotten over the hurdle of simply starting?!

And if this wasn’t already your personality, Pinterest has made it easier and easier to dream about doing things and without actually doing them!

This month, I’m challenging myself to actually DO some of those things that I’ve already pinned on Pinterest or saved in my Evernote. Isn’t that the whole point of saving them anyways? So it can have some sort of impact on how we live?

And guess what? If you try out some of them and don’t like the result? You can delete it! Everyone loves an uncluttered pinterest board, right? ; )

I’ll report back at the end of November and share my progress and any fun projects I’d recommend! (Follow me on Pinterest here!)I’d love to know what new things y’all are trying, too, so share comments below!

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