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A moment, a day, a life transformed by prayer.

Asking Questions


On the Podcast: Confident and Consistent


After thousands of conversation over the last 8 years, I’ve gotten to know the struggles we all face in prayer really well. It’s still funny to me to think how when I first created the prompted prayer journal, I thought I was the only one who struggled. The culmination of those conversations as well as my own in-depth study of prayer in the Bible and books, is being released this week. My new book Pray Confidently and Consistently (which you can order now on Amazon,, Barnes & Noble and more).

So this week on the podcast, we’re going to talk about these two words that can sum up so much of our hope for our prayer lives. With or without the book, I hope these episodes encourage you deeply to pray more confidently and consistently.

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EP. 10 – Confidence and consistency with valerie woerner

Kara turns the mic on me (Valerie Woerner) and asks me all those questions we’ve been asking our guests.

We talked about prayer and my health journey this year, what my prayer routine actually looks like every day, the next ways I’m hoping to grow my prayer life and the question that got me emotional to talk about.

Valerie Woerner’s mission is to help women live intentional lives that are an outflow of a fruitful, focused prayer life. She is the author of Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday, Springboard Prayers and The Finishing School and the owner of Val Marie Paper, where she designs prompted prayer journals and other practical products that eliminate distraction and increase focus in prayer. Valerie lives in Lafayette, Louisiana with her husband, Tyler, and their two daughters.

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EP. 11 – How to pray confidently and consistently

Why are these two words so important to our prayer life? In this episode we talk about why we want these things as well as 6 steps to get you unstuck and help you praying confidently and consistently.

Things mentioned in today’s episode:

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EP. 12 – a prayer for consistency

What would happen if we prayed consistently instead of just when the next big crisis happened? A deep prayer life is so much more than emergency calls when we’re stressed out. Praying consistently opens us up to an intimacy with God we never imagined possible.

Here’s a simple and quick prayer to get you started.

  • Praise him for the opportunity to pray to him
  • Confess inaccurate assumptions
  • Discover what consistent prayer could look like
  • Share your hope for what’s possible

Loving the idea of guided prayers? Check out Springboard Prayers, our book of 125 pre-written prayers for different circumstances!

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