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Song // Hands Off

1.21.2016 • 2 Comments

You may not know this about me, but I love to play the guitar and write songs. In college, I spent many a nights strumming along in my room penning way too emotional words for my humdrum life. 😉 I even recorded a CD of 13 songs I had written with the help of a talented sound friend and some church equipment. I shared this fact last year. I’ll be honest, I’m not even sure why. About 10 people have heard the CD and any time I’ve played for my husband, I’ve made him stand behind the door or at least turn his back! I don’t like the attention. I’d much rather type away like I’m doing now with no eyes on me.

Last year though, I felt like God wanted me to share one song in particular. It’s called Hands Off and basically about how confident we can start our day, then how quickly we can fall prey to Satan’s attacks to pull us down and how we recover from it.

I asked one of the ladies who sings at church, Jana Broussard, to sing, play guitar and record her singing it, because…baby steps. 🙂 Thank you so much Jana!!

Hands Off

Every morning I wake up
Sun shining on my face
It feels like it will be a good day
Then time moves on a dime
A moment later I’ve lost my spine
And let him sink his teeth in me again

By noon I’m crying out to God
To take this thorn from me
By 5 I realize this whole thing is bigger than me
Gotta take my hands off the reign
It’s no good if I don’t know his plan
I’ll find the closest pothole and ram the cart right off the road
I might think the sun should be of green
Or that the world is only what I see
But I know whose bigger than me
Oh oh I know whose bigger than me

Some call it a mental thing
It’s not true if you don’t believe
But sometimes its true anyway
Seconds tell me that I’m right
A moment later its all a lie
Looks like he got me again

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