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A moment, a day, a life transformed by prayer.

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TFS Book Club Syllabus


In today’s world, it’s easy to fill our minds with information, but it’s not so easy to live it out. If you can relate, you’re in the right place! Beginning April 30th, we’ll be embarking on a journey together through The Finishing School, Val’s book about her own refining journey. She tackles all the topics we each want to grow in and draws out practical tips for actually experiencing change. Below, you’ll find all the info you need to get started with us!

We’ll be embarking on a journey together through The Finishing School, Val’s book about her own refining journey, complete with live video discussions!


The Finishing School by Val Woerner 

Homework – Find instructions on how to access your printable homework on p. 6 of your book!

A friend… or a few! Find out how to host a TFS study group here.

“A Guide To… Journal” (Optional) – to expand your own personal TFS adventure!


M – Reading Assignment

W – Pop Quiz!
Th – Study Group with The VMP Team on VMP Society’s FB Live at 12:00 Noon CST
F – Action Steps

Note: Everything will be posted in our VMP Society FB Group + on Instagram with the exception of our Study Group videos, which will be posted on YouTube following the FB Live. They will be unlisted, so use the links below to find them!


  • Print out your homework ahead of time and keep it all together.
  • Use #tfsbookclub on Instagram to share your experience and find new friends!
  • Don’t let getting behind get you down! Go at your own pace or stay with t
    he group and then go back to what you missed.


Click the headings to watch the videos for each session!



Week 1
Chapter 1: Orientation
Chapter 2: Prayer
Chapter 3: Bible Study

Week 2
Chapter 4: Goals
Chapter 5: Distractions

Week 3
Chapter 6: Self-Control
Chapter 7: Habits

Week 4
Chapter 8: Boundaries
Chapter 9 Balance
Chapter 10: Minimalism

Week 5
Chapter 11: Friendship
Chapter 12: Hospitality


Week 6
Chapter 13: Waiting
Chapter 14: Joy
Chapter 15: Contentment

Week 7
Chapter 16: Influence
Chapter 17: Forgiveness
Chapter 18: Awareness

Week 8
Chapter 19: Peace
Chapter 20: Comparison

Week 9
Chapter 21: Health
Chapter 22: Rest

Week 10
Chapter 23: Margin
Chapter 24: Graduation


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