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The Art of Juicing

1.16.2013 • 1 Comment

Truth: There is no art to it. In my humble opinion, green juices taste gross. : )

When I heard there were people who actually liked them, I assumed they were lying. They had to be. Then I realized people just have different taste buds. The same way some people RAVE about brussel sprouts (Mom?).

Why do I say that? So you know it’s OK if you don’t like green juice. It’s OK if you never develop a taste for it. As long as you get it down.

There is something about putting something in your body that you don’t necessarily enjoy BUT you find deep satisfaction in doing. It’s a reminder that we eat to live, not live to eat. We make sacrifices to stay healthy. And drinking green juice has shown me that I care about my body. If I would subject myself to a liquid kale and beet mixture, believe me, I’m showing my body some love.

In this post, I won’t be sharing a DELICIOUS GREEN JUICE recipe. I’ll save that for those who juicing really is an art and they’ve found the perfect blend. I’m not even sharing all the benefits of each individual fruit or vegetable. There are tons of websites that can share that in detail with you. Plus I’m not a doctor.

I’ll just encourage you to not give up if you don’t love the taste. The benefit of juicing is consuming so many more vegetables than you might normally would in a day. And it actually encourages me to EAT more vegetables too! By noon I’ve normally had kale, spinach, apple, beet, orange, cucumber juice for breakfast and carrots and celery for a snack. That NEVER happened before. I love how I feel, even if it’s a placebo affect. It makes me feel good and focused.

Juicing is one of my January Goals. See the rest here!

Happy Juicing!!


Click the link to where I found this photo. There is a rainbow of juices that Williams-Sonoma compiled that may be just pretty enough to convince you to try it! 


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Comments (2)

I feel like you’ve been reading my mail lately. ^_^
You’re inspiring me to dig my juicer out of the pantry and actually use it regularly again.

Oh yes!! So glad to hear it. We figured out making enough for two days is working. We just put the leftovers in a mason jar with a lid and it’s good the next day. Might even be better because it’s so cold.