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Weekends :: Unplugged

11.12.2012 • 5 Comments

I have a terrible habit of spending waaay too much time on my phone. I’ve been trying to work on not being so connected all the time so that I can be more focused on the present.

What am I afraid will happen if I don’t see what everyone’s tweeting about or pictures they are taking or most important, what a client is emailing me?

This past weekend was my first weekend home or without a wedding in 8 weeks. I decided to finally try one principle of The Making Things Happen Challenge that I have never fully embraced, getting off social media for a whole weekend. It sounds simple enough.

I really didn’t see the benefit it would have until I did it…

– I painted my nails. Something I attempt about once a month and then have to take off because I can’t sit still long enough to not bump and then destroy.
– I worked out twice in one day. It always gives me so much energy to work out. Mental note to self: If I want to get stuff done, go work out.
– I spent lots of time journaling and in the Word.
– I balanced our budget and got us caught up on a lot of financial stuff.
– I cleaned the apartment.
– I made myself a face mask (#13 to be exact). Part of my Pinterest Progress challenge.
– I went grocery shopping. Cut and prepped fruits and veggies for the week. Even made myself a green juice this morning.
– I watched way too many episodes of Lost with the husband.
– I read.
– I had a date night with the husband.
– I got lots of rest. Was in bed by 10 both nights. ; )
– I relaxed.

I can’t say none of this would have happened had I checked my Facebook once or twice, BUT the sheer motivation I had to keep moving knowing I couldn’t fall back on just checking Facebook was so refreshing and even relaxing despite all it helped me accomplish. I think a lot of times, I mistaken taking a break as checking Twitter or Instagram. It’s not a true break. I never truly feel reenergized or motivated after. It’s a tease.

If you own a business, social media isn’t just an outlet to chat with family. It’s hard to turn off that business voice. Although I do a decent job of not working on the weekends (when I don’t have weddings, of course) I never fully disconnect. This weekend away from everything really refreshed me and has put a spring in my step to tackle this week with joy and energy.


1. If you have an iPhone, Create a Group with all the app you are trying to avoid. For me that was Instagram, Facebook (business and personal) and Twitter. Label it Do Not Open. This can help for all those times you find yourself not even consciously checking.
2. Told my husband what I was doing. He kept me accountable. Saturday morning, he was the first to see my phone and found a bunch of notifications. Meaning I did not.
3. Made a decision to do it. Once I made the decision, it really wasn’t hard to do.

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I’ve added a note to my email signature stating in a light-hearted way that ” I do not regularly check emails most weekdays between 3-8pm” (kids home from school). I do tell readers to call me. The sign-off is equally directed to readers, and myself.

I get so many supportive comments, and my kids get ALL of me. It does feel good to disconnect :o)

Yes Nataliya! Try it! I’m doing it again this weekend. It was too good to not keep incorporating.

Aaaah I’ve been wanting to do this but hasn’t happened yet. Maybe this will inspire me. Thanks for sharing this!

I just starting “unplugging” on the weekends about a month and a half ago … I used to get anxious about “keeping pace” or “not falling behind” on the weekends. When I started unplugging, I realized that, although it made for more work on Monday, I wasn’t terribly far behind or unable to catch up. Plus it makes the weekends much more relaxing and productive *in other ways* – kind of like the list of all things you got done that you normally would not. So, good for you! Hope you make it more of a habit, if not every weekend, at least some. 🙂

Thanks for sharing Chloe! I definitely hope to make a weekly habit of this! This post will be my little reminder to keep doing it! 😉