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What if…??

6.7.2013 • 2 Comments

What if we promoted what we love instead of bashing what we hate?

I saw this pin on Pinterest this morning and it’s really got me thinking. What is the biggest difference and benefit of promoting what we love instead of bashing what we hate?

We are putting more positive words and thoughts into the world instead of negative ones. If we bash instead, we are essentially highlighting below average behavior, products, etc. Focusing on those things doesn’t raise the bar. It just says “as long as I’m better than that, I’m good” and creates a world that is just getting by.

With our world, this may be focusing too much attention to all the negative things going on in our world and not reading about the positive things. When I hear negative stories I get sad and scared. When I hear positive stories, I am inspired and empowered. I don’t feel small anymore. I feel like I can make a difference.

With our friendships, choosing to talk about what other people have done that has blessed you is always encouraging. Gossiping and bad mouthing people who hurt you never ends happy. I’m not saying you should bottle it all up and not tell anyone about things that happen, but I think we know when it crosses into gossip.

With our businesses, the saying goes, sometimes what we say has more to say about ourselves than the other person. As a wedding planner, I worked with a ton of vendors directly. It can be easy to mask our bashing as giving advice, but steering a client to good vendors works even better than criticizing the bad ones.

I strive to be a positive person but sometimes what that looks like in my head is just making sure I’m not negative. Which is actual just neutral. Wishing you a happy and positive weekend! : )

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Comments (2)

I have been working SO HARD on this very thing this year. It was one of my New Year’s resolutions. Those who know me know that I am already a very positive person. But I just launched my business and I have found that it can be very difficult to stay positive – it’s easy to play the comparison game, foster feelings of jealousy, and get stuck in a negative mindset. But when I work on my attitude and think before I say things, I find that I am MUCH happier. Great post with a great reminder. Thanks! xo