What to do post-election

What to do post-election by Valerie Woerner | election, news, media, conservative, liberal, republican, democrat, trump, biden, president, america, voteElection day is finally here. We’ve almost made it! 😉 

For so long, it’s felt like we’d never reach the other side of this election and actually have a winner. I’ve shared tons of thoughts on how to handle the election season. Today, I wanted to share a few tips on how to handle post-election season–if your guy wins or your guy loses. If I’m honest, these feel pretty basic, but if I’m even more honest, the current state of things has the potential to steal any logic in how I react to things. 



No need to say “I told you so” or go round and round with your friend who disagrees with you on why you were right. Besides being really annoying to hear, your guy winning doesn’t necessarily mean the more “righteous” man won. We might feel like God has vindicated us, that we were right all along and that may be the case, but the other option is that we live in a fallen world and sin causes things to happen. God’s not out of control but instead allows consequences for our choices.


For half the country of believers, who’ve anxiously been praying their candidate would win, a victory can be dangerous. We get comfortable. We think the work is done. Explosions of faith happen under pressure. And let’s be honest, we’re in a pressure cooker. But I know if our guy wins, it’s going to be easy to relax. We pass off the baton and hope our guy will pass all the right legislation or lead us to a more peaceful existence.


If you’ve prayed like never before, don’t let a victory you prayed for be a call to stop praying. The mountaintop can be a dangerous place. We forget who we are really dependent on. If you’ve had to get yourself prayed up before dinner with family members who hold differing convictions, those prayers don’t stop because you won. You need God just as much today as you did a month ago. Keep praying. 



Don’t cry foul or assume the only way this happened was cheating. It’s going to happen. People are going to talk. Don’t add to the noise. Don’t assume a condescending position when your friend who voted for the other guy approaches. We hate to lose, but how we conduct ourselves in a loss has the opportunity to bring incredible glory to God.


Just because you won’t be able to bank on a change in government, doesn’t mean we’re helpless to make change happen. Jesus spent the majority of his time discipling 12 men. And those 12 went out and impacted the world, little by little. We aren’t a victim to a presidential term that’s going to revert back to old ways. Not unless we make ourselves a victim to it. You can make a difference. 


If you prayed like never before and sit here feeling like God doesn’t care, that’s just how your enemy wants you to feel. He wants you to think you wasted your time. Keep praying. Pray for the president. Pray for the Lord to calm your anxious mind for what the future will hold. After all, this campaign season has been so built on fear. We’ve been fear-mongered into believing a win for the other side would be complete devastation to our country. God is still on the throne. Keep praying.

Whether or not your guy wins, the bottom line is that there is still work to be done. Earthly kingdoms pale in comparison to the eternal Kingdom we’re called to be a part of. If you’ve spent the last few months or so praying for this election, ask God, “What’s next?” Where might he use your prayers and activity in the coming days?

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