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Book Club // Goals


I shared my goals back in January, but we just went through the goals chapter with The Finishing School book club so I’ve been stewing a bit more on them. One of the quotes I shared in my book from John C. Maxwell had me thinking.

“We exaggerate yesterday. We overestimate
tomorrow and we underestimate today.”  

The Finishing School - Goals chapterIt is one of those quotes that I had to unpack and ask “How does this play out in my everyday life?” This is where my nerdy love of growth and introspection shine, so it might be overwhelming for some BUT if you are feeling stuck on your goals that you made almost two months ago, this should help you figure out what’s holding you back and help you make an action plan.

With the goals you have set, how have you exaggerated yesterday, overestimated tomorrow and underestimated today? The answers were eye-opening and revealed tons of things that have been holding me back that I didn’t even realize.

Check out our resource library here to download a copy of the worksheet, and see my actual (stream of conscious!) answers below if this concept is still a bit confusing.

1. Glorify and serve God as a family. 

  • Overexaggerate yesterday – I’m a mess and screw up all the time OR What we did in the past right with Vivi should sustain our future.
  • Underestimate today – I need a break, time to recoup. I’m pregnant and tired.
  • Overestimate tomorrow – I’ll have energy tomorrow for Vivi, patience, Tyler.

The reality: Don’t lean on successes of the past. We need evolving solutions as Vivi grows. I have to change something today so that exhaustion isn’t always my excuse. Because it will still be there tomorrow. Eat energy giving foods. Prioritize time with Tyler. No phone in bedroom

2. Spend more time cultivating a life giving and intentional brand culture for VMP and less time on logistics. 

  • Overexaggerate yesterday – I used to have 8 hours. If I had that I’d use it well.
  • Underestimate today – 3-4 hours is not enough time to accomplish anything. I’ll just finish some email.
  • Overestimate tomorrow – Tomorrow I will be focused and dive in.

The reality: 3-4 hours is what I have. I have to make the most of it. And honestly, I squandered plenty of time when I had 8 hours so don’t assume it’d be easier if that was the case now. Recognize that focus is a problem. Get rid of distractions. Name them. Do I need to use timesheets again? Pray before I begin a work session. Prep mentally on the treadmill before my work time.

3. Live a life of peace and joy, not fear and negativity.

  • Overexaggerate yesterday – Leaning on the fact that I have been joyful and peaceful in the past and not being open to the idea that maybe that has changed a bit or is something that requires protecting.
  • Underestimate today – Choosing dumb things that I think won’t effect me, like too much news, social media, stress. Focusing on me.
  • Overestimate tomorrow – Tomorrow I’ll have more self-control to choose better.

The reality: I make positive and negative deposits in my mind daily. See the impact it has and understand why self-control is so important.

4. Give radically.

  • Overexaggerate yesterday – Last month was expensive with medical bills and broken appliances and freezes me a bit to give.
  • Underestimate today – Needs will always be there. Where is the urgency?
  • Overestimate tomorrow – We have a whole year. It’s only February.

The reality: Slow obedience is no obedience. Exercise faith. And more than anything, don’t let a simple task like going to the bank stop you.

5. Make concrete financial goals and work towards them.

  • Overexaggerate yesterday – We normally have a comfortable savings. No matter what I do, we will always have that.
  • Underestimate today – We need stuff. Said purchases are too small to affect our goals.
  • Overestimate tomorrow – We have a whole year. Plenty of time to buckle down.

The reality: I’m not suddenly going to become more disciplined. I have to change my mindset and be proactive.

6. Make health my priority. 

  • Overexaggerate yesterday – I’ll always be unhealthy and never learn discipline.
  • Underestimate today – Reserve energy for chores around house.
  • Overestimate tomorrow – Tomorrow I’ll have energy.

The reality: Foods will give me energy. Choose better foods. Get rid of stuff so there’s less to pick up. Know that it will take a bit of time to build up my stamina again. Stay consistent for a set time.

7. End my phone addiction. 

  • Overexaggerate yesterday – It’s always been how I’ve done things so it will always be a struggle.
  • Underestimate today – Today I need it. It’s going to refresh me today.
  • Overestimate tomorrow – Tomorrow I’ll be stronger to say no.

The reality: I’ve tracked my time for a month and changed absolutely nothing. I must do something differently today if I want this to change. Leave phone in purse in the car. Leave phone out of bedroom at night.

8. Live a simple life. 

  • Overexaggerate yesterday – Summer is when this has been really good and easy.
  • Underestimate today – Today, everything is important and nothing can be cut.
  • Overestimate tomorrow – After the Natalie’s shower and wedding I’ll be able to lighten my load.

The reality: Make a list of responsibilities. Prioritize. Let some stuff go. See what’s based on my ego. It doesn’t have to be over the top for Natalie to enjoy her shower, etc.

9. Solidify friendships.

  • Overexaggerate yesterday – Our summer study was good for me but I’ve dropped the ball since then.
  • Underestimate today – I’m too lazy, weary, overwhelmed right now.
  • Overestimate tomorrow – It will calm down, then I’ll have time for friends.

The reality: I need to schedule at least one lunch every week with friends. They refresh me!

10. Create a new product inspired by God that will inspire others. 

  • Overexaggerate yesterday – The prayer journal was different and new. I don’t have anything as revolutionary to bring creatively to this industry.
  • Underestimate today – A few hours is not enough time to create something inspired.
  • Overestimate tomorrow – I need an 8 hour day to really crank out something good.

The reality: If the Lord wants me to do something, He will provide the ideas, focus, time. I need only be a willing unnoisy vessel.

Want to join our book club or read The Finishing School? We’re talking about distractions this week and self-control and habits next!!


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