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What’s the difference between the 6-Month and Yearly Prayer Journal?


Feeling overwhelmed with anxious thoughts during her first pregnancy, Val began searching for a journal to help bring focus to her prayer time. After scouring the web, she couldn’t find what she had in mind and so what is now our Compose Prayer Journal (6-Month) was born! The printer required a minimum of 50 copies so Val grabbed one for herself and decided to try and sell the rest. (It’s crazy to think about how 50 little journals expanded to the tens of thousands we sell each year now!)

Three years later, Val expanded upon our original prayer journal to create the first all-in-one Yearly Prayer Journal. (We just launched our 4th edition last week!!) What’s the difference you might ask? Let us tell you!


Compose Prayer Journal (6-Month)


Yearly Prayer Journal



Both of our core prayer journals have the same monthly, prompted format. You can read more about it here! Because of the taller size, we were able to include a few extra sections in the Yearly Prayer Journal including these: The Challenge, Big Goals, and Adoration


Where the Compose Journal (6-Month) contains the prompts section only, the Yearly Prayer Journal has two additional tabbed sections with lined paper for Conversation (writing out your prayers a few times a week) and Gratitude (for recording a few gratitudes each day).


When you pick up one of our Yearly Prayer Journals, you’re committing to prayer for a full year! Each month was beautifully hand-lettered by Lindsay Letters this year. Our Compose Journal contains six months worth of prompts and is undated, perfect for starting at any point in the year. We only sell our Yearly Prayer Journal from August until it sells out (end of 2019/beginning of 2020), but our Compose Journal is available year-round and is the perfect way to introduce friends or loved ones to our format.


Our Yearly Prayer Journal is more of an investment at $47 (only $40 through August 27!) because of its premium materials (hard-cover, linen, gold spiral) and more content. Our $15 Compose Journal is a budget-friendly option that also has great gifting possibilities!


The Compose Journal is a tool focused on the essentials. Its limited content (AKA smaller size) makes it easy to slip into your Bible or purse. The Yearly Prayer Journal is meant to be an anchor for your quiet time with its extra sections and the ability to house everything in one place. 


Our Compose Journal (6-Month) is a great intro to our format–perfect if you’re wanting to get started right away! And we can’t say it enough, these make great gifts. When these re-launch in all-new covers on September 4, use the code 3ORMORE to get 20% off! Our Yearly Prayer Journal is for the person ready to dive deep, the person determined to pursue a deeper prayer life in the new year.

If you’re new to VMP and having a hard time making a decision, here’s what we suggest! Grab a Compose Journal (6-Month) or Fresh Start Prayer Journal (one-month of the Compose Journal prompts with a one-month devo on prayer) when they release September 4. At $15 this a budget-friendly way to finish out the year and grab a few Christmas gifts!

But if you want to really get serious about prayer in the new year, don’t stop there. Get battle-ready and go all-in with our newest Yearly Prayer Journal.


Still have a few questions before you pull the trigger, email We’d love to chat!

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