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10 books in quarter 2


My 2021 Reads from Quarter 2 by Valerie Woerner, books, reads, reading update, goals, habits, productivity

If you’re looking for book recs, here’s what I read in quarter 2 of this year. I’m honestly shocked I read 10 books this quarter with one of my big goals being to read the Bible in 90 days but Audible sure helps! 😉

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do by Amy Morin

This book was really insightful. I tend to feel mentally weak and within the 13, I found a few of the 13 points were textbook how I thought. Not every chapter was as impactful but the ones that I struggled with were totally worth the read!

Deep Discipleship by J.T. English (A)

This book was geared more to churches than expected but with Tyler’s new temporary role as youth director, it was still really helpful!

The Healing Power of Humor by Allen Klein

Many of y’all know I’ve been fighting some stomach pain for the last 5 months. This was a positive read about finding humor in small ways that can change our attitudes in sickness. It’s not for everyone but if you struggle with chronic illness, I think you’ll find it encouraging.

E.M. Bounds – Man of Prayer by Lyle Wesley Dorsett

For as much as I have loved Bounds, it was time to learn a bit more about his life. This was a short biography but powerful. The most vivid takeaway was another pastor who shared a room with him at an event referenced how he silently wept in prayer each morning for lost souls. It was convicting and I felt the Lord really engage my own heart for the lost since reading about his passion.

*A Year of Living Prayerfully by Jared Brock

If you want to read about prayer but in a totally different story-driven way. Check out this book. Jared traveled all around the world exploring prayer.

*Soundtracks by Jon Acuff (A)

Another book on the mind and our thoughts but I really love Jon’s delivery and the way he makes me think. Worth the read. I actually bought extra copies as part of a preorder bonus and am glad I did. I wanted to highlight a bunch so I was able to do that in my hard copy as I listened.

Concerts of Prayer by David Bryant

Another old book on prayer? I found this book in my mom’s stack. ?????

The Power to Bless by Alan Wright (A)

This topic always feels like it’s a little properity-gospelish but it was solid information for speaking life-giving words to loved ones. It’s definitely changed the way I speak to Tyler and the girls.

Activate Your Vagus Nerve by Navaz Habib

This was me trying to do anything I could to figure out my stomach issues. The vagus nerve is important for a lot of this. If you struggle with gut sensitivities, inflammation, autoimmunity, brain fog, anxiety or depression, it may be worth reading!

Platform by Michael Hyatt (A)

This was a good foundational book on platform. It’s a little dated now but if you’re looking for a really explicit guide to “getting noticed” it’s thorough.

(A) – Audible
* – Favorites

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