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2022 Life-Changers

12.30.2022 • 1 Comment

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Welcome to Val’s annual goal series! We’re releasing a new goals related blog post each day. Sign up here to get notifications about all our new blog posts.

In the last few years, I’ve started sharing the things that changed my life that year. Some are super deep and serious and others small but impacted me in some way that I specifically can pinpoint. 

Here’s this year’s list! 

1. Prayer

I always include this one, but I normally save it for last because I know it’s so obvious. This year I’m convicted that really nothing on this list can hold a candle to it so it’s going first, even if it is obvious. 😉  If you want to see specifically how it changed my life, check out my 2022 Answered Prayers post. 

2. Monarch app

Tyler and I stink at tracking a budget. This app is by far the simplest and best one I’ve ever used. Everyone loves Mint, but my brain finds it so complicated. If you haven’t found a budgeting app you love, check it out. 

3. Electrolytes/adrenal cocktail

I am not a doctor so get professional advice on this, but drinking electrolyte water and adrenal cocktails has helped my energy levels so much this year. 

4. Getting rid of mold

Mold has wrecked my health over the years, so getting it out of our house was not only good for obvious reasons but also just the mental feelings of being surrounded by something that’s making you sick. I read the other day, ⅓ of homes in the US have mold. If you have unexplained health issues, it’s worth researching to see if you have a mold issue. 

5. Aro 

This is an affiliate link, but only share what I love!This was a recent purchase after being fed up trying to curb my phone time (again) on my own. I was killing it before Covid hit and then a crazy summer and election season pretty much tanked any progress I had made. In the first week using Aro, my phone time went down 25%! If you long to spend less time on your phone, also join us for our brand new Retro Prayer Challenge coming in January. Sign up here for details when we release info!

6. Headache mask

I’ve had some doozy headaches this year. The thing that’s helped the most is an eye massager mask. I don’t actually own it, but borrow my sister’s (she lives literally 100 steps from my house so this is easier than it sounds). Here’s a link to tons of options since I’m not sure the exact brand! 😉

7. Dinner around the table

My chronic fatigue the last two years has made it really easy to want to sit in front of the TV for mealtimes but I never regret when we sit at the table. Although not every dinner is picture perfect, so many are filled with laughs that I’m so glad we didn’t sacrifice it just from sheer exhaustion. I shared a few years ago one of the life-changers for me was Table Topics questions and they’ve been so helpful in making this time intentional. 

8. New couch

Guys, I am obsessed with our new couch. We previously had the Ektorp Ikea couch which served us well for 8 years, but I had been eyeing (and saving for!) the Shelter couch from West Elm for 3 years. I was waiting for their 30% off buy more save more sale, but with Covid they literally stopped doing them so I finally hit purchase and it is the BEST. It basically feels big like a bed and is one cushion so it’s not lumpy like our Ektorp had gotten. Best of all, all 4 of us can fit comfortably on it for morning devotions!

9. June / travel / nature

If you can make it happen, take your kids on nature-y vacations. Tyler is adamant about waiting to takeour kids to Disney (or the equivalent) because he wants our girls to be able to appreciate God’s creation and the little things. In our month away, we drove long days, had to make our own fun, hauled our own suitcases, hiked to see the best views and it was the best month ever! We got to see so many different things and have so many different experiences, like 40 MPH winds in a tent, salt flats, high heights, deep canyons, and SNOW!! 

10. Soupapalooza

I’ve already shared in the 2022 reads post, cookbooks by Alex Snodgrass that I love. She has so many good soup recipes. I love making several at a time and then freezing in individual portions for quick and healthy lunches during the school week. This routine has helped me stay somewhat consistent with a gluten and dairy free diet instead of making a sandwich or getting takeout when I feel rushed or too tired to make a healthy lunch. I totally feel it when I run out and don’t have any go-to soups. During this holiday break, me and the girls took a day to make SIX soups and appropriately named it Soupapalooza! Vana peeled potatoes, Vivi read off instructions and I chopped and stirred. It only required two soup pots and 4 hours. It made us all dinner for the night (pick your own soup style) and 36 individual soups!!  

There you have it! 10 very random things that changed my 2022!! 

COMING UP NEXT: 2023 Goals

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Comments (2)

do you mind sharing what “recipe” you use for your adrenal cocktails? I’ve seen so many it’s hard to choose. thanks!

Yes!! I’m not a nutritionist or anything so feel free to ask someone more knowledgeable, but I do juice from one lime, pinch of Celtic salt and like 6 oz of coconut water. You can do OJ instead of lime juice but I don’t handle it as well!