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30 Books in 2021


30 Books in 2021 by Valerie Woerner | Val Marie Paper, books, reads, book list, tools, resources, life, bookWelcome to our annual goal series! Each weekday from December 29 – January 7, we’ll have a new post about wrapping up 2020 and launching into 2021. Check back in each day for fresh motivation!

If you know me, you know I love finding my next book just as much as I love reading my current one. I still have a big list this year, but I’ll also be re-reading some of my favorite books. This kind of goes with my word of the year, REBUILD, to not try to hit a goal of how many I read this year but to go back to ones that impacted me. 

1. My book on prayer coming October 21, 2021! – Ok I can’t not share this! Super excited to dive into the things holding us back in prayer so we can pray with more consistency and confidence. Sign up here to be the first to see the cover and find out about a really cool preorder bonus!
2. Mama Bear Apologetics – by Hillary Morgan Ferrer
3. Family Discipleship – Matt Chandler
4. Lit – Tony Reinke
5. Growing Slow – Jennifer Dukes Lee
6. Well-Watered Women – Gretchen Saffles
7. Fighting Forward – Hannah Brencher
8. Win at Work and Succeed at Life – Michael Hyatt and Megan Hyatt Miller
9. Cleaning up Your Mental Mess – Dr. Caroline Leaf
10. Change Your Heart Change Your Life – Dr. Gary Smalley
11. Everyday Millionaires – Chris Hogan
12. Lead – Paul David Tripp
13. Delighting in the Trinity – Michael Reeves
14. Celebration of Discipline – Richard Foster
15. J Curve – Paul E. Miller
16. Eat Smarter – Shawn Stevenson
17. Clean Mama’s Guide to a Peaceful Home – Becky Rapinchuk
18. The Power to Bless – Alan Wright
19. Ten Words to Live By –  Jen Wilkin
20. Rejoice & Tremble – Michael Reeves
21. Chasing Cupcakes – Elizabeth Benton
22. God Owns My Business – Stanley Tam
23. Stengthfinders 2.0 – Tom Rath
24. God Walk – Mark Buchanan
25. A Gentle Answer – Scott Sauls
26. People Fuel – John Townsend
27. Love on Its Knees – Dick Eastman
28. An Unhurried Leader – Alan Faldling
29. Your Sacred Yes – Susie Larson
30. Parenting Scripts – Amber Lia & Wendy Speake

My Re-reads:

1. Atomic Habits – James Clear
2. Sugar Crush Dr. Richard Jacoby and Raquel Baldelomar
3. Famous in Heaven and at Home – Michelle Myers
4. Discerning the Voice of God – Priscilla Shirer
5. Building a Storybrand – Donald Miller
6. Margin – Richard Swenson
7. Purpose in Prayer – EM Bounds
8. My Name is Hope – John Mark Comer

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