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Creativity, Comparison & Christians


Anytime business comes up, there’s this underlying angst about trying to create something new that’s never been done before and the overwhelming feeling of having to compete. It can swallow our business before we even get it off the ground.

I’ve had my own struggles with it over the years and wanted to share something that I hope will challenge and encourage all of us entrepreneurs looking to create something to share with the world.

I truly believe that God is the giver of creativity and vision for our businesses. And when we are operating in that space, we can thrive and leave behind so much of the frustrations that can come if we are comparing ourselves to everyone else doing similar work.Creativity, Comparison & Christians by Valerie Woerner | Val Marie Paper, business tips, how to start grow, run a business, copycat, faith, spiritual, girl boss

But the reality is, it’s common to use the Bible to justify this idea that there’s nothing new left to create. And that idea alone makes me feel angsty and competitive just thinking about it when I know that’s not how God created us to approach all this.

Have you heard anyone say in frustration as they try to create or respond to the copycat epidemic with, “Well there’s just nothing new under the sun.”

We take Solomon’s words from Ecclesiastes 1, that in my research refer to the monotonous cycles of life, and make them about whether or not we can be creative.

Ford created the car.

Zuckerberg created the Facebook.

Jobs created the iPhone.

I have never talked to these titans of industry but there’s no way they believe that nothing new was possible.

YOU have the potential to create something amazing but NOT if you limit your creativity by saying “there’s nothing new under the sun.”

We have a snowball’s chance in Louisiana (which is to say small because anything is possible) of truly using your God-given creativity when we assume it’s all been done before and anything we come up with won’t be anything new. Of course, we will look to our neighbor and copy (unintentionally of course) and borrow ideas if we assume THAT is the pool from which ideas come because no new ideas are available to us.

If we don’t believe new ideas are possible, there’s a guaranteed chance we won’t see them when they do come.

We are literally rejecting God’s creativity and His work in our lives.

Youch! That seems crazy. We don’t actually have the power to limit God but we can reject His work in our lives if we aren’t willing to accept His invitation, just like the Rich Young Ruler rejected the invitation to follow Jesus.

I recently read a quote from Ronnie W. Floyd that made me think of this: “Surrendering to God is abandoning all that we have, to receive all that God possesses. It is not the skills, talents, and gifts that God places in our hands that matter; it is the full, complete, unequivocal surrender of those meager abilities to Him that He uses to do great things in our lives.”

If we’re honest, I think we’ve all seen someone with success in business or ministry that seems to have less talent than ourselves and we wonder how in the world they made it happen. Sure, some is ill-gotten. But mostly?Creativity, Comparison & Christians by Valerie Woerner | Val Marie Paper, business tips, how to start grow, run a business, copycat, faith, spiritual, girl boss

God is not looking for the most talented. He’s looking for the most surrendered.

If we are not inviting God to be a part of our businesses (see our Prayer Audit) to multiply His kingdom, we miss out. God’s mission continues, but we miss out.

Saul was anointed the king of Israel but was replaced with David because he feared man more than the Lord. (1 Samuel 15)

Judas, one of the 12 disciples decided to do his own thing, as in betraying God. He was replaced by Matthias. (Acts 1)

Business owners, bloggers, influencers, I’m begging you. Don’t miss out.

Don’t let the lie that “there’s nothing new under the sun” stifle God-given creativity.

I loved what David Guzik had to share in his commentary of Ecclesiastes 1:9.

There may be nothing new under the sun; but thankfully the followers of Jesus – those born again by God’s Spirit – don’t live under the sun in that sense. Their life is filled with new things.”

If you’re a believer, be filled with hope at the potential that is out there. How you run your business isn’t determined by algorithms and fads (like boomerang in our case! 😉 ). Surrender your business to the vision of the Lord and don’t depend on the past paths of others when God has limitless ideas He’s waiting to pour out and use with anyone who is willing and able.

I pray each new technology, opportunity or idea that crosses your path will be a reminder to tune into the Lord’s customized plan for you instead of a duplicate copy of what He’s created for someone else! In a world where we are daily trying to see more of God in everything around us, your creativity may be a fun way He’s longing to reveal Himself to you!

And if comparison threatens to smother you, this my friends is where I found freedom from it. When I believe with all my heart that the Lord can spring up something new in me, I have no reason to fix my eyes on anything else but Jesus!

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