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February Goals


Yay for one month down in 2018! Lots happened but I’ll be honest. More happened internally as I’ve started working with my life coach, Diana! I’m writing a ton about it and hoping to share more soon! Until then, here’s some progress on January and goals for February!


1. Finish reading Soul Keeping. DONE. Definitely a favorite.

2. Make a habit of consistent daily redundant. YES!! I was a little surprised how easy this was but I really think making the commitment has made all the difference.

3. Map out my 2018 work rhythms. Yep! Not to stick to them! 😉

4. Create playlists for different moods. Yes! I love this so much. I’ll have to share more on insta-stories about this!

5. Find a place to stay in Charleston. Well we didn’t find one in Charleston but did find one somewhere else near Atlanta. Taking all the Georgia recs!

6. Get shoes. Looking for neutral with good arch supports. Found and bought!

7. Follow through on financial plan. We did NOT stay on budget but did a much better job tracking if that counts for anything. I do feel more motivated though and ready for February.

8. Complete Grumpy Mom interviews. Not completely but made a big dent in this!!

9. Read Blue Ocean Shift. Not done but made progress!

10. Reach out to my five friends and basically ask them if they’d like to take things to the next level. 3 out of 5. Still working on it!

Here’s some progress on January and goals for February!



  • Scripture
  • Prayer & Stretching
  • Build up Tyler
  • Phone Limit
  • Nightly soul check-in


1. Create rhythm for for refreshing nightly wine down time.

2. Plan and do a scavenger hunt with girls.

3. Create a subscription for things we always buy.

4. Pray for VMP in moments I think I should be working but can’t. Literally just rest VMP in God’s hands knowing He can do more than I think I can.

5. Figure out how to prevent sickness for girls.

6. Look into buying a mattress.

7. Read You Need a Budget.

8. Finish rough rough draft of Grumpy Mom.

9. Experience intentional mastermind retreat.

10. Choose people over productivity.


  • Ab works (4x)
  • Adventure with the girls
  • House Prayers (at least 1)
  • Finance check-in (at least 1)
  • 6,000 words written
  • Write in Legacy Journal


  • Scripture & Prayer
  • Water
  • Support Tyler
  • Phone Limit
  • Read with girls


I shared a Facebook Live video called “How I schedule monthly goals” if you need help making your monthly goals actionable! Click here to watch!

Also, If you are looking for a way to set goals and take action on them daily, weekly and monthly, check out the Powersheets! Besides prayer, this is the single biggest factor for how I’ve been able to focus my goals and make things happen over the last 4 years!


We decided to change things up this year for our giving. We are now partnering with RMI on a longterm basis to provide hot meals for two schools in Haiti for the entire school year. For most of these kids, this is their only hot meal and for some only meal of the day! 10% of every purchase made will go directly to this project so every journal you buy provides SIX meals for students and every year provides EIGHTEEN! Amazing!!!

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