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My 2020 Goals


goals, new year, resolutions, prayer journal, powersheets, 12 week yearI kind of went rogue this year and decided to try out the 12 Week Year concept for goal-setting. In a recent call with my life-coach Diana (are y’all tired of me referencing her yet? Can’t quit! She’s super amazing!!) we talked about the idea of it and it just kind of hit me in a new way. 

It’s essentially picking 3ish goals for the next 12 weeks backed by the idea that many things get done when we get down to the wire. I thought about this with my own goal to drop some pounds and I just noticed how differently my brain shifted from yearly goal “I’ve got time. I’ll start later.” to “I better start taking action! I have 12 weeks!”

I even created an intensely nerdy Google sheet based on the book’s tracking system and am so excited to dive in. 

If you want more info on the 12 Week Year, check out their site here.

With that said, I thought I’d share with y’all the potential goals I’ll have this year and the 3 I’m focusing on for the first three months of the year. And friends, I just conveniently treated myself to this calendar when I got my “new office” (ok, a wall in Vana’s old room/new playroom) so I’ll be able to see a snapshot of the 12 weeks at one time! 

2020 Goal ideas:

  • Write another book. 🙂
  • Create a less chaotic life at home so we can invite chaos and serve others.
  • Be a part of The Bridge.
  • Publish my short memoir, Led Not Driven.
  • Edit and revise The Finishing School.
  • Parent more biblically. Basically focus more on training their hearts than just correcting the behavior.
  • Implement an editorial style Instagram (more to come on this).
  • End phone addiction.
  • Heal feet.
  • Lose 20 lbs.
  • Implement a Rule of Life (more on this coming to the blog tomorrow!).
  • Transition VMP – we’ve got some changes coming we aren’t quite able to share.

From those, I looked at the greatest impact (you know, which ones would knock over the other dominoes) and timelines and landed on these 4 goals!

For the first 12 weeks of 2020, here’s what I’ll be working on: 


One of the main things I want to do in 2020 is WRITE. Whether it’s blog posts, books, e-books, etc, I need to shape my work time around actually working like a writer. 

After looking at the 12-week format, this is what I’ve decided are my goals for each week. 

  • Write for secret project weekly.
  • Research for next book. 
  • Publish 1 blog post.


We have a specific change we are planning on in the next few months as well as prepping for Kara’s maternity leave in March and cutting expenses significantly so we can continue to grow our giving. 

  • Because it’s not habits, but a series of steps, I’ll update before the week exactly what the to-do is. 
  • Update with Ashley and Kara.

goals, new year, resolutions, prayer journal, powersheets, 12 week year


This might sound super basic, but it’s something I want to be more intentional about. I’ve figured out how to be a mom more biblically but now I want to figure out how to impart that to kids! 😉 

  • Watch and implement 2 course videos a week – planning on taking this in the new year with Tyler!
  • Pray together daily.
  • Be available – 1 hour every day with the girls, undistracted from anything.
  • Spend 2 hours or less on the phone.

4. LOSE 10 LBS.

I’m feeling the weight of the extra 15-20 pounds I’ve gained in the last two years. This is not a vanity number but something that would get me back into a healthier zone for my size. But because it’s only 12 weeks, I’m obviously not saying 20 lbs. 

  • Eat a salad every day.
  • Exercise 3 times a week for 45 minutes.
  • Do PT exercises every day.
  • Drink 70 oz of water.
  • Use stand up desk 90 minutes a day every home workday. (3X)
  • Enjoy one cooking night. Yes, I cook more than this but I want to spend one night doing a fun new recipe or maybe even have wine while I cook and the girls play in their rooms or watch a cartoon. 
  • Eat out two meals max a week.
  • Take a cold shower 3x a week.

That’s it! I will definitely be reporting back on how this works!! Is anyone else doing the 12 Week Year? 


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