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Top 15 Blog Posts of 2021

12.7.2021 • 1 Comment

As we near the end of 2021, we wanted to share our top blog posts from this year! 

1. Why I’m Leaving Instagram

As I thought the actual logistics of how this would work, the possible income lost, the missed connections, the Lord kept confirming it. Here are 11 reasons it was totally worth it for me to walk away.

2. Reevaluating the Enneagram

I personally really wanted it to be okay. But I’m not a “one” anymore. And no, my number didn’t change. I’ve changed my views on the enneagram as a whole.

3. 30 Books in 2021

Reading lists are always faves around here. 🤓 This is what I set out to read in 2021. Subscribe to our blog posts to get an update soon on how this list compares to what I ended up actually reading!

4. Leaving Insta Update

How leaving Instagram changed my life after just one month!

5. Are we sabotaging our mornings?

Ever heard of “revenge bedtime procrastination”? It’s when we stay up late for no reason, usually scrolling our phones or Netflixing. Here are some ideas that may help us make better decisions when night falls.

6. How to Journal Prayers Daily

This year I decided to get consistent with actually writing out my prayers. Here are 7 tips if you’d like to make this a practice in your own life!

7. Organizing Your Inner Life

While our shelves might be color-coded and labeled with cute little tags, it’s getting increasingly likely that we’re battling a ton of disorder in our inner life. Here are some thoughts about organizing our souls.

8. How to pray for life change

Here’s a look at my battle with food and how I learned to pray for transformation in my personal life, which is applicable to many different situations!

9. Make peace with routine responsibilities

Imagine a day where those routine responsibilities that normally feel so draining or just plain boring didn’t shock us. What if they didn’t throw us off balance so much?

10. I don’t do it all (and why you shouldn’t either)

We have to actively decide this or people will dictate the things that make up our life. Scary, no? That our future can be decided by the demands of others? Here is a very random list of things I don’t do.

11. Will we return to church?

In the wake of 18 months of Covid, a lot has happened and many people have not returned to church. Here’s the who, what, when, where, why, and how of heading back!

12. Why starting a prayer habit is hard

If we were created to pray, why is it so hard to practice consistently? Here are just a few reasons.

13. How to meet with God on vacation

How often does it feel like time with God flies out the window on vacation? Here are a few tips that have helped me connect with God while out of my normal routine.

14. 41 books on prayer

I’m convinced that the more we read on prayer, the more we will actually pray because it’s keeping the topic front of mind.

15. 7 Reasons Prayer feels boring

If you’re experiencing a lack of passion in your prayer life, one of these reasons may be why.

Have a favorite blog post? Let us know in the comments below! Or tell us what you’d like to hear more about in 2022.

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Comments (2)

Especially loved posts 1, 3, 4, 5, 9, and 10! Numbers 2, 11, and 13 really made me think. Always appreciate your thoughts, Val!!