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Top blog posts in 2022 by Valerie WoernerI hope you had a Merry Christmas and are still enjoying the festivities!! We’ll be kicking off our annual Goal Series on the blog tomorrow, but today, I wanted to recap the top blog posts this past year! I’m sharing 3 lists of 9 blog posts: the first is the most popular new posts written this year, next I shared some of my personal favorites from this year, and lastly, we have the 9 most popular posts that were written prior to this year but are still making the rounds.

If you’re new to the blog and want to get an idea of what we’re all about, this is a great recap that we hope will encourage you! 

Come back tomorrow as I’ll kick off the goals series with my 2022 Answered Prayers!


  1. Goal Series
  2. How do we hold on to our kids?
  3. How to Pray for a New Year
  4. Embracing a Summer Rhythm
  5. How to discern which books to read
  6. Creating a refreshing night routine
  7. How God is Healing Me 
  8. 10 Verses to Pray Through When You’re Anxious
  9. How I’m Addressing My Anxiety


  1. 9 Lies We Believe About Prayer
  2. When God Seems Unfair
  3. When God Says No
  4. How To Practically Fight Temptation
  5. How To Do A Prayer Audit
  6. Where two or more gather
  7. Taking an Offense is Killing Us
  8. How to Pray When You’re Tired 
  9. When We Don’t Feel Like Praying


  1. 6 Things That Distance Us From God 
  2. Reevaluating the Enneagram
  3. Creating a Refreshing Night Routine
  4. Our Spring at the Silos Experience
  5. How to Wake up Early For Quiet Time 
  6. A Biblical View of Affirmations
  7. House Prayers
  8. How I Use Trello for Goal Tracking
  9. Why I’m Leaving Instagram

Do you have a favorite post? Share in the comments!

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