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30 Books in 2020

1.6.2020 • 2 Comments

Ok, friends!! Here it is! A list of 30 books to read in 2020! You’ve likely heard me say it, but researching which books to read and adding them to my list is a close second to actually reading. 

I’ve heard from so many of you how much you look forward to this list so I intentionally try to include things that may not yet be on your radar. All that to say, I’ve got an infinity of books I COULD add (I’ve already included more than 30) but don’t want to overwhelm you with a bunch you already know! Several of these aren’t even out yet so get excited for 2020’s books! 

Here’s my list! (You can find all the links to these books right here in my Amazon storefront.)

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Grumble Free Year – Tricia Goyer
Foundations – Ruth and Troy Simons
Raising Worry-Free Girls – Sissy Goff
The Enchanted Hour – Meghan Cox Gurdon
A Spiritual Heritage – Glen and Ellen Schuknecht 


The Expansion Sale – Erik Peterson
Experimentation Works – Stefan Thomke
You are a Writer – Jeff Goins
Master of One – Jordan Raynor
On Writing – Stephen King
Aesthetic Intelligence – Pauline Brown
Reading Like a Writer – Francine Prose


Get Out of Your Head – Jennie Allen
Out of Context – Richard L. Schultz
(A)typical Woman – Abigail Dodds
Free of Me – Sharon Hodde Miller
Adorned – Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
Holy Noticing – Charles Stone
Yawning at Tiger – Drew Dyck
Your Future Self Will Thank You – Charles Stone
Get Your Life Back – John Eldredge
Stop Calling Me Beautiful – Phylicia Masonheimer
Secrets of the Happy Soul – Katie Orr
Enough About Me – Jen Oshman
Something Needs to Change – David Platt


Dangerous Prayer – Craig Groeschel
Answers to Prayer – George Mueller
Samuel Morris – Baldwin
Praying Women – Sheila Walsh


Brain Wash – David Perlmutter MD, Austin Perlmutter MD
Eat Fast Feast – Jay W. Richards 


A Framework for Understanding Poverty – Ruby Payne
The Enneagram Type 1 – Beth McCord
The Soul of Money – Lynne Twist
Make Time – Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky


If you’re popping in for the first time, I don’t just love to read books. I write them too! 🙂 

Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday
Fresh Start for Moms
The Finishing School


My fiction list needs some serious help! I usually don’t plan these but pick up something that looks interesting at the library. 

P.S. I LOVE coming up with this list and love seeing y’all’s lists too!! It’s was especially fun to see Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday, The Finishing School or Fresh Start for Moms make people’s lists! If you add one of my books this year, tag me on Instagram! I’d love to see!!

This blog post concludes our 2020 Goal Series! Hope you’ve enjoyed following along with my all my goal setting. 🙂

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Comments (2)

Love this list! Your recap of what you read in 2019 in part inspired my 2020 reading list (something I’ve never done before!). Here it is, if you’d like to see 🙂

I enjoy reading what I call “famous fiction”. I didn’t become an avid reader till adulthood, so I haven’t read many classics. It makes me feel lost when someone references an often read classic. For example, I’m currently finishing Jane Eyre. As my daughters get older and begin to read classic books, I love to read alongside them. This year we will read The Chronicles of Narnia. In the past I’ve read lots of Roald Dahl with them. I hope that gives you some ideas!