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Welcome to our annual goal series! Each weekday from December 29 – January 7, we’ll have a new post about wrapping up 2020 and launching into 2021. Check back in each day for fresh motivation!

Best Free Resources by Valerie Woerner | Val Marie Paper, prayer journal, ministry, prayer, how to pray, goals, entrepreneur, free, free resources, resources, shop girlIf you’re setting goals, we wanted to share some of our best FREE resources with you that may help in some of the goals you want to work on in 2021. If you want to go deeper,  some items have an asterisk for a product or offering we have that would be extra helpful if you want to invest more in it! 

Working on: 

A God-glorifying business?

A life-giving home?

Less screen time?

More joy in motherhood?

More joy in marriage?

More consistent prayer? 

More confident prayer?


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